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There are only 2 ways to clean your carpet…

A wise man once said, “You get what you pay for.” We’ve all experienced this reality ourselves – too many times – yet we still like to pretend it’s not so.

You have a big choice to make when it comes to carpet cleaning. You can choose cheap, or you can choose clean. If you choose clean, mission accomplished. You paid a fair price for a service that did what it promised. If you choose cheap, don’t expect clean. Doing the job right takes time. If a new dry cleaner opened up advertising $1.00 per item, would you use them? How clean do you suppose your suits, coats, and pants would be? Just because they come back on a hanger with plastic over top, doesn’t mean they’re clean. It all comes down to this: do you just want to say you had your carpets cleaned, or do you really want them clean? Perhaps carpet cleaning isn’t the best place to cut corners.

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FreshWater Carpet Cleaning is committed to integrity in all facets of our business… and for good reason.  We know how we like to be treated and we realize that it’s rare to find honest, hard working, and friendly service providers these days. We also believe that word of mouth advertising is by far the most effective way to grow our business.  Without the enthusiastic endorsements of our clients, we simply won’t make it in a crowded/competitive marketplace.  We understand that without integrity, quality, and a strong commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction, endorsements are not deserved and will not be offered. For quality carpet cleaning in Saginaw contact us today and don’t forget to check out our “current offers” page! We are a Saginaw carpet cleaning company that strives to be the best! We also provide carpet cleaning in Bay City, Flint, Frankenmuth and Freeland.

We hope you’ll accept our invitation to experience the FreshWater difference… and allow us to earn your lifelong endorsement.  Please explore our website for more information, video demonstrations, and easy ways to request a FREE quote.

Trent Urbytes, Owner/Operator

FreshWater Carpet Cleaning, LLC



…is probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to carpet cleaning… perhaps it should be.


  • Do you desire to be treated fairly and with respect, by an owner/operator who is committed to your complete satisfaction?
  • Would you prefer to receive an accurate, good faith estimate of costs up front or deal with low advertised pricing followed by high-pressure sales tactics?
  • How will you feel knowing for certain that the water used to clean your carpet is fresh & pure, and never recycled from prior jobs?
  • Do you make an effort to support businesses which choose quality US-made equipment and supplies?
  • Just how important is it that the machine touching your carpet is engineered to provide a deep clean, unmatched by the traditional methods which are widely in use today?
  • Are you looking for someone who cares enough to complete each job properly, even when it requires additional time and effort?  Is it likely that low-cost providers can afford to go the extra mile to ensure a meticulous clean?